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C&C Water is a natural artesian water that originates from the tranquil tropical islands of Fiji.

Bottled at the source amid lush tropical rainforests on the main island of Viti Levu, C&C water is untouched by man.

The distinctive and pleasant quality of C&C water is one of the purest waters on Earth. It is truly a gift of nature from the unspoilt islands of Fiji.

Although Fiji is a small country, our natural and pristine environment produces some of the best artesian water sources on Earth.

C&C Water comes from an aquifer in the Northern part of Viti Levu.

Fiji’s tropical rainfall, filters slowly through the volcanic rock of the land and collects in a natural artesian aquifer that formed centuries ago.

Our aquifer is protected from air and other pollutants by impermeable layers of rock and sand. Here it gathers minerals and electrolytes that supplement its smooth, fine taste.

Typical Analysis.             (mg/L)


Silica                                        97


Calcium                                   26


Magnesium                             13


Potassium                               2.4


Bicarbonates                         190


Total Dissolved Solids          250


PH.                                            7.5


Private label process

The following steps illustrate the process of going towards your own private label. This is a general process,

deviation from this process is always possible. Please contact us for more information.

A request for a private label brand starts with a meeting with one of our export managers.

The minimum amount for production depends on the product and package. The export manager provides the client with more specific information.

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