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Closes on: 24 May 2022

C&C Solutions Pte Ltd, a private commercial entity engaged in providing ICT, Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing, Engineering and Energy Solutions to its clients in Fiji and across the South Pacific now invites applications for the above position.


The 3D Animator will serve as an animating expert for the C&C creative team. The creative team is a collection of energetic and ambitious individuals who are dedicated to producing the highest quality marketing communications and branded creative assets for our partner programs. Our team produces a wide range of marketing assets that require animations, including light-weight motion and motion graphics for advertising; high-concept animated advertising; cinemographs; GIFs; long-form animated stories, and more. The 3D Animator must be able to use all software and tools to create animations (3D Max, Maya, illustrations, video FX tools, After Effects, etc.) to tell compelling stories through a range of marketing assets.

In order to be considered for this position, you must submit samples of your work demonstrating a range of skills and project types. You may submit an e-portfolio, website, or reel. Include information about your role in each or key project’s production.


Animate marketing assets for our partners

  • Animation types include, but are not limited to:

Ads for social channels ranging from light-weight to heavily animated ads

Ad concept mock-ups for partner presentations

Short animated clips or cutaways that help drive story in documentary marketing videos

Long-form animations for social posts and blog content

  • Incorporate photography into animations with techniques such as cinemographs, 2.5D, and GIFs for social media

  • Follow standards for exporting/converting files to various formats while maintaining an organized system

  • Manage multiple projects and remain flexible through revisions while keeping keen attention to detail

Using strategic analytical skills, interpret briefs and brand needs, and present concepts that fulfill project needs

  • Work from a creative brief to grasp brand and client needs and specifications

  • Pitch concepts and clearly convey rationales to marketing and external stakeholders

  • Maintain the visual brand identities and content strategies of our partner brands

  • Develop an animation aesthetic for each client that accentuates their brand and the messaging of particular ads

Continue to learn software, tools, and FX styles to better animate for all marketing assets

  • Continuously discover and implement new technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency

  • Thoroughly understand changing industry standards and strategy for different types  of animations

  • Learn new skills that can broaden the capabilities of the team


  • Developing games from early prototype to final production.

  • Animating humanoid and non-humanoid characters to show a range of personalities.

  • Making prototype animations.

  • Perform special projects and other miscellaneous duties that are assigned by upper management.

  • Travel on business or work beyond normal work hours when necessary.

  • Create key-framed animations for integration into the engine.

  • Create gameplay animation that matches the visual style of the game.

  • Rig or fix rigs to make them usable and performant for game integration.


  • Bachelor's degree or Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation

  • Minimum 3 years of industry or freelance animation experience

  • Demonstrate animating capabilities with a strong portfolio and excels in graphic animation knowledge

  • Advanced experience with digital animating technologies and relevant software packages (e.g., 3D Max, Maya, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)

  • Additional post-production skills such as Adobe Premiere and Audition (preferred) Strong sense of visual composition, motion, and storytelling Excellent prioritization, multi-tasking, and file organization skills

  • Have the ability to work collaboratively and be open to feedback and art direction

  • Calm, flexible and able to work under pressure or with short deadlines


  • Artistic skills: story boarding, gesture drawing, 2D animation, composition.

  • Technical skills: rigging, scripting, and understanding of pipeline.

  • Filmmaking skills: cinematography, pre-visualization, editing.

  • Understanding of FX, particles, cloth, and hair as they contribute to a character’s performance.

With resume, please include a list of software you use, reel link, and/or PDF portfolio attachments.

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