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We believe technology is changing the way we work. Its suite your lifestyle so much easier. Let’s build up not a system but the information eco system of your organization on agile IBIS platform.


We are so excited to introduce to you our IBIS platform which fast and more effective way to share and manage the information in the way you can follow and remember closer to business reality.


Work with IBIS to feel the pulse of your business and take the informative decision to be a leading organization by knowing your products and deep customer insights with power of data science.


We are fascinated by the business who has big dreams and believe that technologies as a platform to convert you dream into reality. We will help you put it to work all shape and size of business needs on single resource point with real time information.


Get sync with IBIS, Grow with technology



Highly optimized solutions and service across wide range of industry domains. Our key services include

  • Software Solutions

  • Business Process Re engineering and optimization

  • Web site development

  • Information Security

  • Information management

IT Solutions for Government Agencies

Reduce Administration and Improve Productivity in a secure Environment Enhance public-government interactions by enabling easy access to citizen services and information online. Facilitate transactions, cut costs and improve operational efficiency with mobile and digital governance solutions.


Run your business on an agile platform with power of data science & data visualization

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  • Custom Workflow
    This option can be used to set-up the background workflows of the system and it gives the facility to configure the workflows according to the business requirement for end users.
  • Mood Card
    To capture the level of user satisfaction for a user experience
  • Request Channel
    To capture the user request which has been made to change some configuration of a satellite entity; when the user doesn’t have an appropriate permission.
  • Draft Save
    Draft save a feature of automatic saving whiles the user working on some entity. This setting can be set on Entity setting as and when needed. User can load the previous version from the auto save history and continue the work if there is some distraction happened to the current session
  • More Entity Information
    To Provide a comprehensive insight about the versioning of any particular record including users and data
  • Entity Help
    To provide a comprehensive configurable entity wise help including Video ,Example ,Inline help
  • Prominent Field
    To provide a prominent view for the crucial field when the user work on the entity. This is a configurable feature.
  • Global Search
    To provide a global search facility to locate a transaction by given key values
  • Draft Save
    To provide an auto saving facility on separate thread while the user working on the entity. User has to enable the draft saving option from entity setting for the particular entity. ​ If some unexpected situation which cause to crash the current browser session happen; user can recover the data form the draft save store by clicking on correct version.
  • Additional Field Template
    To give the extendibility of new inline inputs as per the changing business requirement, without touching application presentation layer for a particular entity.
  • UI Configurations
    To give the extendible of new inline inputs as per the changing business requirement, without touching application presentation layer for a particular entity.
  • Transaction Cloning
    This provides user to clone an existing transaction.
  • Entity Checkout Option
    This option will provide the facility to lock a transaction when it is required to prevent changes from others
  • Draft Save
    This option will provide the facility to do an unattended draft save of a transaction when required. Application will execute this process within specified intervals
  • Notification Configuration
    Application messages can be configured dynamically based on the user requirements. ​ Configuration can be done based on Workflows, Error Messages, Application Messages
  • Message Inbox
    Application messages can be captured dynamically based on the user preferences.
  • Dynamic Report Configuration
    Application provides a facility to create On-Demand reports based on the requirement
  • Dynamic Dashboard
    Application provides a facility to view On-Demand dashboard based on the dynamic filter requirement
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