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Closes on: 14 Oct 2021

We are recruiting for a Software Development Manager who will drive our Software Development and Operations Practice. The role will take the ownership and responsibility to plan, coordinate, and supervise all activities related to the design, development, implementation and operation of our organizational information systems and software applications.


To be successful in the role, your key responsibilities will include:

  • Review, analyse and enhance existing tech stack and application effectiveness and efficiency, and then develop strategies for improving existing systems and leveraging new tech.

  • Enhance and support a genuine DevSecOps culture and best practices through automation, quality and efficiency

  • Collaborate with business stakeholders, analysts, designers, tech leads and system owners in the design, development, testing and operation of software applications.

  • Support the team, develop technical skillset and training programs, organize coaching and mentoring sessions with direct reports and their direct reports. Create a performance and continuous improvement framework.

  • Coordinate the design, development, and install of enhancements and upgrades to systems and application software (release management).

  • Support, refine, own and improve the five Ps of software engineering: people, principles, practices, playbooks and performance.

  • Coordinate and support staff to contribute to the effectiveness of the IMS

  • Process some financial transactions, such as quotes, invoices, reports, etc.

  • Build relationships with new and existing clients.


  • Bachelor of Computing Science/IT degree /diploma – Highly Preferred

  • In-depth knowledge of programming languages of the   Microsoft Stack, REACT, and JavaScript

  • Minimum 3 years of progressive leadership experience as Tech Lead and then Software Development Manager over multiple Tech Leads

  • Experience in managing a mission critical technology platform

  • Experience in managing the application support L3 function within the teams 

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