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  • Inkk | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Inkk Mobile Limited is one of the leading mobile communications companies in Fiji. Inkk offers a wide range of products and services that are well suited for the value-seeking consumer.

  • IBIS Platform | C&C Solutions

    Innovation Challenge Platform Statuesque BUSINESS AUTOMATION Implement your solution on our highly optimized agile IBIS platform SOFTWARE SERVICES Highly optimized solutions and service across wide range of industry domains. Our key services include Software Solutions Business Process Re engineering and optimization Web site development Information Security Information management SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Run your business on an agile platform with power of data science & data visualization PLATFORM FEATURES This option can be used to set-up the background workflows of the system and it gives the facility to configure the workflows according to the business requirement for end users. Custom Workflow To capture the level of user satisfaction for a user experience Mood Card To capture the user request which has been made to change some configuration of a satellite entity; when the user doesn’t have an appropriate permission. Request Channel Draft save a feature of automatic saving whiles the user working on some entity. This setting can be set on Entity setting as and when needed. User can load the previous version from the auto save history and continue the work if there is some distraction happened to the current session Draft Save To Provide a comprehensive insight about the versioning of any particular record including users and data More Entity Information To provide a comprehensive configurable entity wise help including Video ,Example ,Inline help Entity Help To provide a prominent view for the crucial field when the user work on the entity. This is a configurable feature. Prominent Field To provide a global search facility to locate a transaction by given key values Global Search To provide an auto saving facility on separate thread while the user working on the entity. User has to enable the draft saving option from entity setting for the particular entity. ​ If some unexpected situation which cause to crash the current browser session happen; user can recover the data form the draft save store by clicking on correct version. Draft Save To give the extendibility of new inline inputs as per the changing business requirement, without touching application presentation layer for a particular entity. Additional Field Template To give the extendible of new inline inputs as per the changing business requirement, without touching application presentation layer for a particular entity. UI Configurations This provides user to clone an existing transaction. Transaction Cloning This option will provide the facility to lock a transaction when it is required to prevent changes from others Entity Checkout Option This option will provide the facility to do an unattended draft save of a transaction when required. Application will execute this process within specified intervals Draft Save Application messages can be configured dynamically based on the user requirements. ​ Configuration can be done based on Workflows, Error Messages, Application Messages Notification Configuration Application messages can be captured dynamically based on the user preferences. Message Inbox Application provides a facility to create On-Demand reports based on the requirement Dynamic report Configuration Application provides a facility to view On-Demand dashboard based on the dynamic filter requirement Dynamic Dashboard OUR SOLUTIONS LANDSCAPE LOGISTICS HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT FLEET MANAGEMENT SERVICE MANAGEMENT SALES & MARKETING MEDICAL FINANCE HELP DESK MANUFACTURING JUDICIAL ANALYTICS & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE What do I need to do? PRESCRIPTIVE What is likely to happen? PRIDICTIVE What happened? ​ Why is it happening? ​ What exactly is the problem? DIAGNOSTIC What is happening? ​ How many? ​ How often ​ Where? DECRIPTIVE DATA ANALYTICS STORY TELLING ABILITY TOPICAL ANNALISTIC TECHNOLOGIES BUSINESS COMMUNICATION PROBLEM SOLVING NEURAL NETWORKS DATA VISUALIZATION HYPOTHESIS TESTING DATA MODELING DATA MINING DATA SCIENCE MATHEMATICS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STATISTICS PATTERN RECOGNITION BIG DATA SOLUTIONS ENGINEERING MACHINE LEARNING EXPLORATORY DATA ANNALISTICS MODELING & PERSPECTIVE ANNALISTIC CONSULTING DOMAIN EXPERTISE STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT BUSINESS ANALYSIS BIG DATA VISUALIZATION ORGANISATIONAL DATA INPUT What Is Happening? What Happened? Why Did It Happen? What Might Happen? What Do I Need To Do? OUR TECHNOLOGY

  • Real Estate Web Development | C&C Solutions

    REAL ESTATE Website Development Services TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS At C&C Solutions we can provide our real estate website design and development services to any size, budget and business needs. Once your real estate website is live, our company can also offer digital marketing services and support on website maintenance related work. Contact Us Today For a Web Development Quote Or a 15 Min FREE Consultation with one of our Designers! CONTACT US Multiple Listing Services Multiple Listing Services (MLS) is a database managed by real estate professionals which shows visitors exactly what properties you’re selling right now – in real time! With the help of MLS, you can also target individual city, country or regions. Our MLS real estate portal development allows visitors to perform cross real estate property searches and match themselves to just the right home – saving you time and helping you to offer an even better service. You can even let your customers make bookings directly through the website! OUR WEB DEVELOPMENT OFFER Wide Array of Real Estate Website Development Services Responsive Real Estate Agent Web Design Real estate web design services will position realtors and brokers websites as a sales generating and growth-focused online market. ​ Real Estate Integration Solutions Along with real estate web portal development, we also provide MLS integrations. These integrations will bring more potential clients to your website. ​ Real Estate Digital Marketing Solutions Through our expert digital marketing solutions, you can engage with customers from around the world wide. Our team will do the necessary updates based on user behavior, customer feedback or competitor moves. ​ WordPress Based Real Estate Website Development C&C is a noted WordPress real estate website development company offering end-to-end real estate web portal solutions using the latest web development tools and techniques. ​ ​ OUR WORKS The following are a few representative samples of our vast portfolio of website designs we have done for many clients.

  • Vodafone | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company. Through global links, Vodafone Fiji provides support and solutions that are tailored to individual requirements offering seamless local and international experience.

  • Vinod Patel | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Vinod Patel is among the largest hardware companies in the South Pacific offering quality products, reliable services and customized solutions to all customers.


    We turn ideas into extraordinary digital products & experiences OUR SOLUTIONS WHO WE ARE At C&C Solutions, we believe that there is always room for the best. With this in mind we began our journey in 1991 focusing on ICT, Engineering, Energy solutions, Advertising, Branding and Digital Marketing. ​ We are located in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka as well as The Maldives and success within our chosen industries has fueled our growth in new markets, so much so, that we now offer complete, customised, end to end software solutions. We have had an amazing journey so far and feel confident that we can continue to exceed expectations and provide you with professional and effective solutions in a timely manner. ​ Our vision gives us a sense of direction and purpose and we constantly strive to be the best in everything we engage with. OUR TEAM PARTNERS We have an exceptional team of experienced specialists who focus on your business and technical objectives and provide you with innovative solutions. ​ Our team takes the time to develop a solid understanding of your needs. We focus on cost-effective solutions and amongst other options, offer you the flexibility to select key services and identify specific work items you can execute. Our efficiency allows us to deliver results with a timeline tailored to fit your schedule and our knowledge of utility systems and operations provides a competitive edge that facilitates delivering a superior service to your customers. OUR CLIENTS At C&C Solutions, we love success. We work diligently to meet expectations and celebrate when we do. We excel at working with our clients to accomplish results. We value and appreciate all input but aren’t afraid to shoot straight and help you make the hard calls. Our ‘can do’ attitude and drive to get the job done is what makes us unique. Our growing list of satisfied customers and business connections is testament to our commitment to meeting our clients’ expectations and providing the best solutions, all the time, every time. TESTIMONIAL Moving from traditional communication methods to Digital or Social media was a complete change in mindset for us at SPX. We decided to move after having to deliberate significantly and with the confidence that C&C Solutions provided us. We continued with a Social media strategy over the past year and are extremely satisfied with the outcomes and the results we have seen in our brand growth. Pretesh Prasad Acting CEO - South Pacific Stock Exchange Let's work together Start a Project Speak to us (+679) 977 9770 Thanks for your interest in working with us. Please complete the details below and we’ll get back to you within one business day. Select Subject arrow&v Submit

  • IBIS | C&C Solutions

    We believe technology is changing the way we work. Its suite your lifestyle so much easier. Let’s build up not a system but the information eco system of your organization on agile IBIS platform. We are so excited to introduce to you our IBIS platform which fast and more effective way to share and manage the information in the way you can follow and remember closer to business reality. Work with IBIS to feel the pulse of your business and take the informative decision to be a leading organization by knowing your products and deep customer insights with power of data science. We are fascinated by the business who has big dreams and believe that technologies as a platform to convert you dream into reality. We will help you put it to work all shape and size of business needs on single resource point with real time information. Get sync with IBIS, Grow with technology Click Here for More Details SOFTWARE SERVICES Highly optimized solutions and service across wide range of industry domains. Our key services include Software Solutions Business Process Re engineering and optimization Web site development Information Security Information management IT Solutions for Government Agencies Reduce Administration and Improve Productivity in a secure Environment Enhance public-government interactions by enabling easy access to citizen services and information online. Facilitate transactions, cut costs and improve operational efficiency with mobile and digital governance solutions. PLATFORM SOLUTIONS Run your business on an agile platform with power of data science & data visualization ANALYTICS & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OUR SOLUTIONS LANDSCAPE BIG DATA VISUALIZATION OUR TECHNOLOGY HOW WE WORK BUSINESS PROCESS RE ENGINEERING PLATFORM FEATURES

  • Fiji Meditation | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Fiji Mediation is a solutions-driven, problem-solving process. Instead of pitting parties against each other, they facilitate an objective discussion on how to advance difficult situations.

  • Build A Website with C&C | C&C Solutions

    Build Your Website Promo 2021ECB Contact Person Name Contact Number Email Company / Business Name Company/Business Address Website Tin Number Disclaimer By completing the form, you agree that all information supplied is factual and correct. C&C Solutions will ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on the website. However, the information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. C&C Solutions does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained on the website. No warranties, promises and/or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, are given as to the nature, standard, accuracy or otherwise of the information provided on the website nor to the suitability or otherwise of the information to your particular circumstances. We cannot and will not guarantee that the website is free from computer viruses or anything else that has destructive properties. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) whether arising in contract or otherwise, which may arise as a result of your use of (or inability to use) the website, or from your use of (or failure to use) the information on this site. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. The content of such third-party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content thereon. Links to such third-party sites are not to be taken as an endorsement by C&C Solutions of the third-party site, or any products promoted, offered or sold on the third-party site, nor that such sites are free from computer viruses or anything else that has destructive properties. We cannot and do not take responsibility for the collection or use of personal data from any third-party site. In addition, we will not accept responsibility for the accuracy of third-party advertisements. I accept Disclaimer & conditions Thanks for submitting! Submit

  • Digital Fiji | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK The digitalFIJI is the Fijian Government’s DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME. It is a programme to implement a number of government applications, enhance the overall ICT infrastructure and build and develop capacity in digital transformation in the government.

  • Asco Motors | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Asco Motors is an automobile industry in Fiji that distributes a range of automobile and marine products in Fiji, which include Toyota passenger vehicles as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles, Yamaha Outboards, Motorbikes, Scooters and Generators, Massey Ferguson Tractors and Bridgestone Tyres and Batteries.